My recent research on consumers electing to keep their brand consumption a secret was featured in MarketWatch. Click below to read the article, “Why it’s so hard to give up guilty pleasures like McDonald’s and Louis Vuitton,” written by Andrew Keshner.

This same research also lead to an insights piece at Canvas8. Click below to read the article, “Keep it to yourself! The science of consumer secrecy.”

Feeling excluded? We find that you may want to join the crowd. My recent academic research shows that when consumers feel excluded, crowded retail environments become more appealing. These findings were featured in the Forbes article, “Can Social Retail Therapy Save the World’s Brick-and-Mortar Marketplaces?” Click below to read my interview with Karen Correia da Silva.

You don’t need it, but you just feel like you have to have it. We have all been there, engaging in unnecessary impulse purchases. But why? I explore this idea with Taylor Andrews in two Cosmopolitan articles. Click below to read Taylor’s online article (“Why You Walk Into Target for One Thing—and Walk Out With One Million Things”) that features some of my insights and pick up the July 2019 issue of Cosmopolitan to read the follow-up “Explaining the Target Effect.”